More screaming and hollering (Good not BAD must read)

  1. Well, everyone I had sort of a bad week to start but it kept getting better and better and better. Yesterday was my pharmacology final and I passed. I got a B on the final and ended with a Mid B for an overall grade in pharmacology. I am pretty happy with that. IT was a VERY difficult semester and class. Well I have one final down and 4 more to go. I have a HESI on Monday, A nursing seminar take home due tuesday, a Nursing Health management final Wednesday and a ethical theory final Wedensday night along with one paper that I need to write which won't be too difficult because it is only 3 pages. In my other nursing classes besides pharm I should end up with an A in seminar and a B in health management I will keep my fingers cross. The dean and faculty promised a much better semester next semester and I feel it will be because the school is up for re-accreditation in Feb. 2002.

    Well, I made it through my second semester. 2 down and 3 more to go. I want to thank everyone for the motivation and encouragement. This board is a wonderful board. I have been truly tested this semester and based off my senior classmates they said if I can make it through this semester then I can make it right through and I did make it through this semester and did much better than I ever imagined. I guess that is what happens when you have the desire and really want to do it. I worked really hard and next semester they are starting a new mentor buddy program for the students starting in January , at first I was not going to do it but I changed my mind. So I will be encouraging a student from the time they start until the time I graduate which is the requirement but if my buddy wants to keep the mentoring going I will be more than willing to help them out when I graduate and they can call me or we can meet until they graduate.

    Well, got to get back to study

    Take care everyone,
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  3. by   essarge
    WTG!!! Great job!!
  4. by   KristaB
    Great job, Peace!

  5. by   zacarias

    i know you've had some rough moments this year but it pleases me so much to see you in such a great mood and that you're so proud of you accomplishments.
    i finish my last final monday and that's it for the 1st quarter..just 5 left hehe.