Mississippi Students..Need Your Input

  1. This is my first time posting a thread on this site and I am hoping to get at least a few responses.

    I am currently a sophomore enrolled at my local CC and I am looking to apply to a BSN program, particularly: University of Southern Mississippi, U of Mississippi (UMC), and Alcorn State University.

    I was hoping someone could give me some insight on my first two choices concerning academics, clinicals, housing (especially students at UMC), and financial aid.

    I have already tried to get in touch with the directors of each program but they are taking a very long time to respond to my e-mails (which I hope is not the case here )

    I would also love to here from USM students who did not complete here pre-reqs at USM but got accepted anyway (I read that they give preference to studens that complete pre-reqs at there institution.) Also I have read that one of their pre-reqs require you to be a CNA (I e-mailed them to find out if this was mandatory or just a preference but like I mentioned before I haven't gotten any response yet )

    I really hope this is a prefence rather than a pre-req I mean who can find the time or the money to complete a CNA program while taking pre-reqs sheesh! (Sorry didn't mean to go on a mini-vent ) Can't they take volunteer experience instead

    USM is most deff. my first choice @ on time my only but with all its crazy prefs. and pre-reqs why should I even bother applying? What do you all think?

    However, I am looking forward to responses from people who attend, or have attedned, or will be attending (you get the point) all three schools please feel free to give me A LOT of insight (Good or Bad) on either.

    Geesh this must be longest first post in history. Sorry about that.

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  3. by   NurseKay2006
    Someone...Anybody...Help Please!!
  4. by   crp2000
    hello NurseKay-

    though i haven't attended either of the schools you mentioned, i did graduate with a business degree from Jackson State University in Jackson, MS - so i'm somewhat familiar with all of them.

    what i can tell you is that both UMC and USM have GREAT programs. i'm certain that UMC will probably be one of the better choices being that they also have a Medical School.

    i wouldn't reccommend Alcorn - not just because they're JSU rivals - but also because i haven't heard anything good about any of their programs.

    also, have you looked into Mississippi College (Clinton, MS - 15-minutes outside Jackson) - i hear they have a good nursing program also.

    so sorry i couldn't be of more help.
  5. by   NurseKay2006

    I haven't heard to much either about Alcorn programs accept from Alcorn students and of course I heard nothing but good things. lol

    Thanks for recomending Mississippi College I was considering their program also.

    Again Thanks
  6. by   manna
    Mississippi College - they have an excellent reputation, but it is a religious school.. so if you have a problem with that, I'd avoid them.

    Did you consider MUW (columbus)? That's where I'll be applying for fall of 2004.

    I know UMC was having some accreditation problems in the past, which I think they've got resolved... but they'd probably still be a low choice on my list.

    I'm not familiar with USM, but if you live nearby there... why not make an appointment with an admissions counselor and go find out the fact from fiction about that stuff?

    Good luck! What part of the state are you from? (PM me if you'd like, I always love meeting other Mississippians online!)
  7. by   KaylaRN2005
    Hi! I also, am hoping to go to USM. I'm currently taking my pre-reqs at JCJC, and will be until the 2005-2006 school year. I too was wondering about the CNA certification... I was going to try to go for the ADN at JCJC, but, after not getting accepted, I figured why go for a 3 year ADN when I can go for a 4 year BSN, ya know? Anyway, sorry, no answers, just a little encouragement knowing we're in the same boat!
  8. by   ST_NURSE_MLD
    Hi NurseKay,

    I'm a MGCCC ADN Nursing Student. I'm under the impression that the CNA course is a 10 week course taken during the summer. You get your pre-req's under your belt then, take the CNA class and you are on you way. I think I understand it right. There is a girl named Shannon that is scheduled to be at the Gautier Branch of USM on the 21st. Call the campus in Long Beach and make an appointment with her. I'm sure she can clear some things up. Also, my opinion, whatever college you live closest to is the one I would choice. Most Mississippi college are good.

    Hope this helps!!
  9. by   shelleybelle
    Hi MS Students!!

    I am also a MGCCC student! I just finished the LPN program at George County and I'm starting my pre-req's for the bridge program in August. Good luck to you all!
  10. by   lissagirl
    Hey Manna, remember me from little while back? We talked about the radiology program
    Didnt end up in the radiology program after all, still trying to carve out a place for myself in nursing school.
    Anyhow, my prob is I failed the math on the NET which seems to be a common predicament around here. Gonna get some tutoring and try again.
    I wanted to tell you Kay that I am getting my CNA thru Hinds this fall and the program runs from Aug 26 to Oct 11 and tuition is
    180$ plus 30$ book and maybe a few other small fees under 40$ or so. Altogether it was much cheaper than I expected it to be and much shorter.
    Good luck to you, I certainly hope you get into the school of your choice.

    -Lissa in Jackson