1. I was wondering if anyone has participated in a graduate nuse residency program to transition from student to professional care giver? And/or have you had a mentor? Tell me about your experiences. I'd like to hear from anyone - but I'm especially interested in the Northwest and Alaska.
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  3. by   windyspirit
    Has no one had a mentor during their career? No wonder we all feel like we are floundering! What did you do, or have you been doing on your own?
  4. by   Daytonite
    The only time I have heard of "mentoring" going on is through professional organizations, not in the work place. When new grads go to work at facilities, many are put into new grad orientation programs where they are assigned to a "preceptor". Each facility has their own way and rules as to how the precepting is done. A work place is interested in developing an employee to be productive. A mentor is interested solely in professional development. The two do not have the same goals, so an employer would not necessarily be interested in mentoring.

    The question I think you should be asking is about orientation programs and the preceptors at the specific hospitals in the area of the country you want to work.
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    And don't forget to check the state forums for the areas you are specifically interested in!! Good luck!!

    State forums link
  6. by   windyspirit
    Dear Daytonite: That is very useful information. I didn't realize the difference between mentor and preceptor. So, now, does anyone have any more information re: preceptorship or orientation programs?