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Hey everyone!!! I am so excited to apply for the Mayo Clinic externship of 2018. I have been dreaming of it since high school. Best of luck to everyone who applies. I truly hope that all of... Read More

  1. by   hkantzer
    Hi! I was just curious if you had heard back from Mayo at all?
  2. by   mckayla12
    Hello everyone! I was just going to put another message on here incase some of y'all haven't seen it. There is a Facebook group called "Mayo Clinic Summer III 2018".
  3. by   Gblauvelt
    Congrats on those who made it! You're going to have an amazing experience!
  4. by   Gblauvelt
    Quote from bsnnku
    I got in!! I'm on the Medical Neurology Floor

    Hey! I was on the Medical Neurology floor last year, and it was amazing. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me by private messaging me here, and I would be glad to add you on Facebook. I am returning as a nurse on a different unit when I graduate, but DO2D really is an amazing place to learn! Congratulations on being selected! I know you will have an amazing experience.