math websites for drug calcs., etc.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have not yet started to take actual nursing classes and clinicals yet, I'm still on pre and co-req's.

    I often have trouble with Math and am wondering how hard drug calcs. are going to be.

    Does anyone know of a good website that shows you how to work through drug calc. problems?

    I have done searches for them on google, etc. but since I am not in nursing classes yet, I don't know if the websites present the problems the way they would be presented in class.

    If you have any web addresses for good sites that have you do problems that you would encounter in your classes please send them my way.

    I am eager to see what they are like!

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  3. by   TCW
    Hi Col,

    Here's a website I found helpful for drug calculations:

    Stroll down and click on Drug Math.

    I like the Pharmacology Math Tutorial for nurses, but some of it is involved and not all of it will be required for the drug calc exam 1st semester.

    I have to take my 1st exam by September 30th. I'll let you know how it goes.

  4. by   Whisper
    Hope these sites are okay.

    I don't really usee the web a lot for drug calcs, as I bought two books, an idiots guide, and a drug calculation for nurses. I hgaven't posted the names as Ik now they are not available, (well not easily) in the US, I think has some in the nursing section.