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  1. I have my maternity rotation this semester and im wicked nervous about the assessment of the mother and baby. Does anyone know of a good website or video online that would help me out.. Thanks! And any advice is very welcome =)

    Thanks Everyone!!
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  3. by   dee387
    I just finished my maternity rotation it was awsome dont be nervous instructer should help you along I got to see a vaginal deliver and scrub in and watch a c-section it was the coolest and the fundus is really easy to find good luck hope your experience is awsome too
  4. by   Daytonite
    hope these are what you are looking for. hard to find anything on ob on the internet, let alone in video form. most of it is aimed at medical students. here is the wisdom about ob. . .learn what a normal pregnancy, labor and birth are. that's the easy part. the rest is everything else that goes wrong, and there is plenty of it. just like the association between anatomy and physiology and pathophysiology, you need to know what is normal so you can understand the pathophysiology when things go wrong. does that make sense? it's the same for newborns.

    now, i can tell you that i have a care plan book called maternal/newborn plans of care: guidelines for individualizing care, 3rd edition by marilynn e. doenges and mary frances moorhouse. there are assessment tools for both the mother at her various stages of pregnancy and labor and for the newborn in this book along with written guidelines of what you should normally see in these patients in your assessment (the newborn at at the first hour of life, 2 hours to 2 days, at 1 week, and at 4 weeks). i'm sending you a pm (private message) regarding this book. - military obstetrics & gynecology procedures. the first two links on the page are the gyn exam. the main page for this site is here: and includes links to the complete online textbook, laboratory tests commonly ordered in ob/gyn, medications commonly used in ob/gyn, ultrasound and x-ray used in ob/gyn, a large number of useful clinical forms you can download and print, and access to procedure videos that include a vaginal delivery, episiotomy, circumcision, pelvic exam, pap smear and much more. - these are videos of physical examination procedures from ucla. a video of the gyn exam is here - list of links of lectures, forms and tutorials on a variety of ob subjects from new york medical college. toward the bottom of this page are links to slides (sorry, they're not videos) on various ob exams and complications.