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Hi , This is the first time here and I am a lpn nursing student. I am 32 years old, male and live in indiana. If anyone wants to talk please respond.... Read More

  1. by   angelfaceLPN
    Quote from ZooMommyRN
    OP- Welcome to the forums, there are alot of really helpful people around,

    Angelface! Huge Hi because you are in my hometown, we left there almost 4 yrs ago but my entire family is still there

    I suppose somehow on here it is inappropriate to ask who you or your family is/are, lol! Adrian isn't a bad place to live, kind of middle of the road type of town.
  2. by   ShortStackRN
    Welcome!! And I'm not sure why someone is saying that this is a "pre-nursing" student forum...because it's not...but welcome! You have found your sounding board!
  3. by   Silverdragon102
    This is an old thread from 2007 and probably was moved from original forum to here