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I vaguely know what the differences are, but technically what is the difference? I used to think that LPN's couldn't administer meds, but now that I work in a hospital...... our LPN's do adminster... Read More

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    Thanks for the encouragement! Yes, I have 5 exams this week and next, but I typically have at least 3, not including modules, papers, and other assignments :uhoh21: Thankfully, I have my pre-reqs done so once I finish my "leadership" clinicals in July, it's straight to RN for me I've been lucky to be able to quit my job a few weeks ago and hopefully won't do anything other than maybe a shift or two as an CNA/nurse tech while in RN school. I have a just-turned-4yr old as well so I'm just working like crazy to get through this year. I totally relate to the spreading out the books and not looking up for hours
    Well, good luck to ya. I had 3 young children while in LPN school, and a husband who liked to run around late at night, so I was overwhelmed, but I made it. You may even consider working as a nurse extern like a few students I know. It is good you have your pre-requisites done. That will make it a lot easier, so you can concentrate on nursing. You go girl!