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Hey all. I searched and found little on this subject. Hand washing--- It's one of the most important aspects of our profession. Since nursing school, my hands have taken a beating. I used to... Read More

  1. by   armyvet
    bath and body works has a shea butter cream called "lay it on thick" and that really works and does not have a fruity smell. also they have a hand cream treatment called "look ma new hands" that you can use in conjunction with "beauty queen wave gloves" that have some gel in the inside, and your hands will be as good as new. "look ma new hands has a slight lemon scent.
    there is also a product line called c.o. bigelow that has a chapped hands cleanser and chapped hands remedey that are fragrance free.

    the bbw junkie
  2. by   mingez
    Thanks guys~!

    The cotton gloves and petroleum jelly was a little weird and uncomfortable, and strangely disturbed my ability to go to sleep. But then, I ended up getting sick, and had to take some zicam (which knocks me out) so I was able to tolerate it. Serendipity I suppose....

    Thanks again for all of the great advice!!! I now apply lotion religously and that has seemed to make a huge difference and maintained the "repair" that the Petroleum jelly and gloves started.