Lost my mind

  1. Well, as I posted here before, I pulled out my old A&P book from the first semester that I took in 2001. Now, I actually have this thing sitting in front of me and am preparing to set myself up to review everything we covered back then since my school doesn't think I should take the first part over again (I had the second highest score in the class..I guess this is why).

    I can't find all my paperwork to see what we covered when so I am trying to figure it out by my old notes (of which I only have half) and I am making myself a sort of "class schedule" for my summer. I think I have lost it. I mean, I am THIS excited about getting back to school! :roll

    I also have an old Mosby's Health Promotion Throughout the Lifespan that I am going to start reading just to prepare myself for that class in the fall. I know that there will be a lot of revised and new material, but it can't hurt to at least look over this old version.

    I think I am insane :spin: ....but my husband thinks it's great!
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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    Well, make room on the "mindless" sofa!! I'm taking A&P this summer, and could have taken it this semester, but wanted to take Human Bio first, then A&P, just to get a really good understanding.

    I've dragged out some A&P coloring books I bought about 10 years ago when I got bored. I knew I wanted to be a nurse, but didn't know when I'd be taking A&P so I bought them as a self-study thing.

    Yes, we're probably certifiable! Feels good though, doesn't it???
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    It does feel good! Is your summer session for half or all of the summer? Ours is half and I know A&P in the summer is really, really tough. Good luck! I'll gladly help you with anything I remember!