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How many people have lost weight in school? Are you exercising? Dieting? Or, just not enough time to eat? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments... Read More

  1. by   Kirstybop
    lol i tend to put on weight when i get stressed or when i have revision to do, however when i'm out on the wards on placement i be so busy that i lose weight (its the only exercise i get) haha everyone is different i guess
  2. by   ßåߥ
    I have stayed the same weight for the past 7 years. At first it was a curse, because I was a freshman in high school and I was a little chunky, but now, still the same weight, and although it has it's perks, because I eat whatever I want and don't work out and don't gain weight, losing 15-20 pounds wouldn't be so bad...
  3. by   vinczter
    lost weight? wow! i wish that could be me.. i actually gained weight!
  4. by   Reniquer
    Id say that's almost impossible, but one of my classmates have dieted and lost weight so i guess it's not all that impossible!! =)) i find it hard to do anything between studying, class and clinicals but with will power you can do anything!!
  5. by   omw2bsn
    Since starting nursing school in Fall 2010, I've lost about 20 lbs.
    -- I'm 5'4, I was 136 lbs when I started, now I maintain about 115-120 lbs.
    I started running (A LOT) and eating as well as I can (which can be difficult as a broke college student).
    I try to run one 5k race each month and one half marathon each semester.
    It gives me something to work towards, so I don't "give up" on working out.
    As far as meals go, I prepare a pretty good size meal to eat throughout the week or freeze the left overs.
    Freezing left overs is AWESOME.. those days when you had long clinicals and you don't feel like cooking and you KNOW fast food is just going to lead to some good ol' atherosclerosis... Just sit the food out, let it dethaw, or stick it in the oven or microwave.. Easy.
  6. by   caite0991
    I've lost about 20 pounds since starting nursing school, which I've done probably through a combination of stress and living a healthier lifestyle. However I've started to deal with losing my hair as a result of stress. It's starting to get noticeable at I've lost around 1/3 of my hair..I'm curious if anyone else has dealt with this and has any suggestions?
  7. by   Jajackie10
    started school last year term 3 now in for LvN. 15LB GAINED!
  8. by   ECBui
    I gained nearly 20 lbs in nursing school. It's almost been a year since I've graduated and I just am now getting back to my weight I started before nursing school. It's hard to keep good eating habits and exercise regimens in school. Too many exams, clinical hours and studying to fit in a full time student schedule.

    So something quick was always the answer for me. Probably didn't help my school and where I did clinics were close to food courts.
  9. by   Butterfly6890
    This was bad for me. I'm a diabetic, have been for almost 16 years. During LPN school I lost about 10-15lbs. Why? I forgot to eat. With exams, theory and clinicals it was a mission to sneak a snack every now and then to avoid bottoming out. At one point they forcibly sat me down and said: "Eat!" I'm grateful to that instructor. I was on everyone's radar that whole year and was given extra time to keep myself from starving because of classes. Also, because money was an issue I lived off of cheapo deapo foods. Cholesterol, stress, anxiety, exhaustion rose. I'm about to start the LPN-RN transition program in May. I'm gonna MAKE SURE I don't commit the same mistakes I did.
  10. by   FeliciaPerdew
    I've gained about 25-30lbs. I have 1 semester left and decided to start running over the summer to get the weight off. I've also registered for a 5k in Sept. so now I have a goal to work towards. Good job for those of you that were able to eat right and exercise.
  11. by   ToyaB
    I am at 230 now. I am trying to break the 200 mark (or come close to- I'm not unrealistic) before the first day of school this fall. Four months! It's on!
  12. by   gonnaB37nursedoc
    I have put on over 25 pounds ever since i started school because of the lack of any form of activity. I have classes all day so i sit during lectures. Go home tired late afternoon n sit or sleep or eat!! Then SIT down to study. Sit to do homework and sit to study! Most of the week i am sitting so already gained close to 30 lbs just in prenursing. Replaced my wardrobe twice already with larger size pants. Cant wait to get admitted to NS soon so hopefully the clinicals will cause me to shed some of that excess weight! I am soo FAT!
  13. by   MissH1967
    Quote from kphill21
    ....don't ever lift heavy weights if you are a girl. At the very most -- 40 lbs - 30 lbs - 20 lbs (drop sets) on arms and 50 lbs - 40 lbs - 30 lbs on legs and back. Never, ever let a guy tell you how to lift weights at the gym, they DO NOT KNOW A WOMAN'S BODY. Melt the weight off of you.
    Oh my. Are you stuck in the 1940s? Heavy weight lifting is the best way to change your shape for the better. And adding muscle helps your body burn more fat while at rest. It's a total myth that women will "look like men" if they lift heavy. The only way to start looking like a man is to take steroids.