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  1. Good Morning.............In school this week I will be taking a "basic" math test. We have some practice problems, consisting of multiplying, dividing, addition and subtraction of fractions. Also converting a fraction to a decimal and other problems decimal to fraction. I need to earn a 100% on this exam, otherwise I have to take an additional math class, which I really can't afford. Can someone please suggest some websites with practice problems for this type of math? I would like to have some extra practice. I appreciate the help....thank you
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  3. by   Daytonite
    sure! go to http://www.interactmath.com/. click on "enter" to enter the site. the next page you come to will ask you to chose a textbook. for the kinds of problems you are looking for practice with i would recommend you chose "martin-gay: prealgebra, 4e enhanced". you will find it in the drop down menu alphabetically by her last name (martin-gay). click on it. you will next encounter an installation wizard because you need to down load two free drivers next before you can use the math software program. you will then enter the program for that textbook. there will be drop down menus for the chapters, sections and objectives of the book. you will see the subjects you have posted in the chapter headings: multiplying, dividing, addition and subtraction of fractions, converting a fraction to a decimal and other problems of decimal to fraction. click on any of these chapters. a link of exercises (problems) for that chapter will come up. you can expand the "section" menu which will narrow the exercises to those that specifically apply to the section you have chosen. you can click on a button at the right side of the page to ask for step-by-step help in solving any problem at any time. at the bottom of the page you can also ask for another problem of the same type before moving on to a problem of the next degree of difficulty. in this way if you are stuck on one particular type of problem you can ask this program to give you similar problems over and over. (what it actually does is change the numbers in the problem.) you also need to play around with the controls at the left side a little (or read the help instructions again) on how to enter fractions and such as it might be a little frustrating at first. but once you get the hang of it, you just go! i used this program as a tutor for practicing my intermediate algebra and trigonometry and had to enter exponents and radicals and had no problem with it. you will need to work out the problems on scrap paper in front of you and enter your answers into the computer where it will verify if you have given it the correct answer or not. if your first answer is wrong the program will give you a hint to get the correct answer. you have three tries before the program gives you the correct answer. have fun!
  4. by   JaxiaKiley
    If you need some directions on how to work the problems, purple math.com is a great site.