Loma Linda Nursing Fall 2018

  1. Hello everyone, I am applying to LLU BSN program to start in Fall of 2018. I just wanted to start a forum and see how everyone is doing, and help each other with updates.

    I actually got a call from Dora to have my interview. Does every qualifying applicant get an interview or only the potential candidates to be admitted get an interview?

    Thank you
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  3. by   Jab22
    I just finished my interview a few days ago, I believe if you have done all the prereqs you are scheduled for one. However, I am not entirely sure about this.
  4. by   Sarah Holly
    @Jab22 What questions did they ask and how long was your interview?
  5. by   Jab22
    Mine was about 40 mins, and most of the talk was about what did I think the job of a nurse entailed and what qualities I had to be a good nurse. There were also some scenario questions in which I talked about how I would go about handling them. She asked about my spiritual beliefs and what I have done to prepare for school. The main thing is to relax and just take the time to answer the questions. I was nervous but it wasnt too bad and I enjoyed our conversation. She also told me that there was a good chance that I would be accepted, hopefully yours goes good as well.
  6. by   JulietB
    Hello. I also applied to for the Fall of 2018. I'm working on getting my transcripts in now, and will be taking the TEAS on 2/26. I'm also in the process of taking the last of my prerequisites. I didn't know that they called people in for interviews so soon. I assumed that it was after the application deadline. They haven't called me yet. I guess they are probably waiting for the rest of my transcripts? Or maybe they just call the people who have everything completed first?
  7. by   Jab22
    I had all my tests done and transcripts in and I believe a week after they scheduled my interview. I had taken my teas on the 29th of jan and my interview was on the 9th. Apparently they start as soon as possible for all those who submit close to the deadline. But I assume you have to have everything submitted to get an interview.
  8. by   Sarah Holly
    JulietB I completed my application including the Critical Thinking test, except for the TEAS. I will be taking it on the 22nd. I guess as long as everything else is in, you get an interview. (My interview is right after my TEAS.)
  9. by   JulietB
    Thanks for the info! How was the critical thinking test? I know that there is no way to really prepare for it, right? What types of questions did they ask?
  10. by   Sarah Holly
    All the questions are very direct, questions were like, if you have a team of soccer players, team A beat team C, and team B lost to team A, what's the best team. I think the test is trying to not have you over think and juts take the information as is and use common sense. I didn't get to finish the test, I'm kinda of a slow reader, I needed to answer about 9 more question, and I got a 17 without answer the rest of the 9 left. Dora said it was average. I used these links to help me prepare for the test, it helps to get you confortable with the test format.

    Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal | AssessmentDay.co.uk

    Critical Thinking Test: Information and Preparation - JobTestPrep

    Critical Thinking Test - Test Partnership

    The company that makes the test is
    California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST) / Critical Thinking Skills Tests / Products Summary / Products / Home - Insight Assessment
    They have a phone app too.
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  11. by   JulietB
    That is so helpful, Sarah. Thank you. I'm studying for the TEAS right now and also taking a lot of classes so I'm full of stress. Lol. I want to do very well on both tests.
  12. by   Jab22
    I only got a 16 on the critical thinking, was pretty frustrating lol. But dora said I had an above average gpa and teas score so luckily that made up for it. Best thing is to not sweat the critical thinking and focus on doing well on the teas.
  13. by   taytay1595
    Hi I am also applying for Fall 2018! I took my TEAS and Critical Thinking yesterday. I scored an 81% on the TEAS and a 20 on the critical thinking. The science portion was a lot harder than I expected and science is my best subject. The math was way easier than I expected and math is my worst subject! I have everything turned in now but I haven't been called for an interview. I didn't know they did them so soon! Does anyone know what type of questions they ask? I've heard a lot of different things about the interview.. good luck everyone!! Hopefully we all get in and we see each other in the fall!
  14. by   JulietB
    I'm taking TEAS and critical thinking on Monday. Do they give you the scores right away?