Littmann Master Classic vs. Classic II S.E.

  1. Well, after one semester, I've decided I hate my Littmann Lightweight and I'm in the market for an upgrade. I know the Master Classic has more features, but as far as acoustics, does anyone know if it is equal to the Classic? I'm willing to pay the extra $20 or so for the Master, but not if the only extra feature is the tunable diaphragm, it's not that big of a deal to turn it over. I plan on getting a Master Cardiology 'scope when I graduate anyway (wish I could afford it now!), so that'll be 3 stethoscopes in 2 years! So, owners of the Master Classic and Classic 2, please weigh in with opinions on your stethoscopes! Thanks!
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  3. by   GPatty
    Hubby bought me the Classic II SE for Christmas... and I like it, although I have discovered that you barely need to touch the patient in order to hear, whereas with my old one, I had to really hold it on the person in order to hear, and I was doing the same thing with my new one....not a good thing.
    I think you would like it!
  4. by   cheripa
    I have a master classic II! I like it! But some of my fellow students have the classic, and I think it's better to learn on that cause you can hear a little more clearer than the classic II.
    But it's preference..... I'm going to keep using my Classic II... I'll get the swing of only using the one sided bell!
  5. by   nekhismom
    I have the master classic II. It's great. It's very sensitive, and you gotta love the one sided thing!
  6. by   ER hippie
    I've been using the classic II for a few months now, and I love it!!! The acoustics are top notch, its very comfortable, and I love the ergonomic design. Not having to switch back and forth between the bell and diaphragm is nice, too. The only thing I've found is that its a little too good to use on the ambulance(I also do EMS). Its so sensitive that its hard to hear the pt over the roar of the road. I still use a sprague style for EMS.
  7. by   ER hippie
    Oh Yeah... Graduate on the 27th of Jan. woo hoo... I made it!