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I need some input/advice from other students or nursing instructors/professors. I am entering the School of Nursing in a few short weeks (May 14 to be exact), and at this point I am finishing up a... Read More

  1. by   HisHands
    I just meant "girlfriend" as a female friend.

    I know you want to find some way to let this person know she's been influential in your nsg journey. Why not tell her? I bet she would love that sort of encouragement right now. Maybe you and your classmates can send her flowers (or a cookie bouquet ) to just remind her that while she may not be in the professor capacity any longer, her influence will always be remembered by you.

    I don't think people realize how important appreciation is... many people would have heard that she was leaving and brushed it off because it doesn't directly involve them. I think it's great that you are willing to be honest with her about her impact on you.

  2. by   cherokeesummer
    I would probably stay out of it. Even though you wouldn't be mentioning the dismissal, the Dean would probably put 2 and 2 together and get to 4 - that its too much of a coincidence of the letter comign right after the teacher had been dismissed.

    It stinks that you can't be able to be open in some professions and hopefully she will find a great career as a teacher somewhere that will appreciate her. I say sure stay close to her b/c she will surely be a really great source of inspiration and help but don't insert yourself in the situation if you can help it.