latest published guidelines for Iv Therapy !!

  1. hi,
    i was wondaring if some one can help me to find out about latest guidelines for iv therapy ? i have to do [color=#403152][font=arial unicode ms]theoretical task and compare current hospital [color=#403152][font=arial unicode ms]practice with the latest one,i have been searching through web all day but no luck,
    [color=#403152][font=arial unicode ms][color=#403152][font=arial unicode ms]thank you very much in advance.
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  3. by   pinkiepie_RN - This appears to be from 2002. Hope this helps! I just googled "iv therapy guidelines CDC".
  4. by   Daytonite
    the infusion nurses society publishes infusion nursing standards of practices. it is an official publication of january 2006 that you must buy from them since they are the proprietary owners of this material. you will not find them printed in the internet. it is 92 pages long and you need to go to their website to buy it. most hospitals base many of their policies on the ins standards. i have periodically printed exerpts from the standards on posts.
    ins website:
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