Last semester Jitters, anyone?

  1. ok, so this is it - one more and then nclex ---eek!
    it almost feels as though i just started - where did all this time go! i'm very excited and of course nervous.
    is it just me, or is this becoming real?

    loads of luck to everyone in the same boat

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  3. by   RNfromMN
    Lil' bit I'm really not thinking about the NCLEX yet - no time. Honestly, if studies didn't show the longer you wait to take your test after you graduate the more likely it'll be that you won't pass, I'd take a year off, working as a CNA somewhere while I studied for it.

    I remember before I got into the program (which took forever) I would just cringe & grit my teeth when people asked me what I was going to school for & I'd have to say, "I'm on the waiting list for the nursing program..." I have loved being able to say, "I'm a nursing school student!" for the last year & 1/2!
  4. by   Medwynn
    Hey! It's real this time. I also have one semester left and i feel i am in the clear.
    Just get through this clinical and then practicum. Ace the next 5 tests. Go on my caribbean cruise then take the NCLEX.