Labor and Delivery Nursing Dx?

  1. My patient had her first child, "normal" birth. No complications but was GBS positive, so that's already on my careplan.
    And psychosocial nursing dx? She wasn't anxious and had an epidural already.
    I know this is very general , but that was pretty much how it went.

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  3. by   Dollface4k6
    Well she is at risk for pain r/t vaginal child birth, interventions include offering prn pain medications and frequent assessments of pain and vital signs, she is also at risk for infection just the same. She also more than likely had acute pain so you could do that as an actual diagnosis, not a potential, and that would be evidenced by verbal report of pain. Is the patient nursing? Knowledge defecit: breast feeding is certainly applicable. Also, risk for caregiver role strain could be used, as they are new parents and may have issues adjusting. Try to think outside the box a little!
  4. by   rubato
    And bleeding. Every postpartum mom is at risk for hemorrhage. I agree with knowledge deficit if she's a first time mom. They all have it (I certainly did).