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  1. OK, I had my first clinical this week and part of our paperwork to do is to find the abnormal lab values, either high or low for our patient and to write about WHY they are high and low.

    I do have a lab book, but I don't think it's very good so I need to get another one I think. In the meantime is there any good websites that talk about what may cause a value to be high or low?

    For example my patient has Crohns and some of his lab values were as follows:
    Glucose 127 H (range 70-115mg/dL)
    Anion-Gap Calculated 7 L
    BUN/Creat Ratio 3.8 L
    etc etc (L=low, H=high)

    I'm NOT looking for the answers btw. Just a source I can go to.

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  3. by   Daytonite
    this should get you started:

    these are sites i use to look up lab information:
    lab tests online
    web md index list of tests
    arup's guide to clinical laboratory testing has a slew of all kinds of lab tests that i use when looking for things i can't find on lab tests online. they will have really odd ball out of the norm labtests information here as well
    you can also find information on lab tests at good old medline plus at
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