Kudos to your teacher who inspires you to go on

  1. I just wanted to share, that nursing can be really tough. And there are teachers out there who takes their role way beyond teaching, they become a friend and motivator. They assure you that you can make it, despite the gloom in your forecast. I had one such teacher and if you also do, please share.
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  3. by   Jules A
    I had one! As a well established "older" student, the first semester in the program was beyond a rude awakening for me. The director of the program was a nightmare and if it wasn't for the wonderful clinical experience I had with my favorite instructor I am sure I would have told them to stuff that monkey business before I was signed off on bed baths, lol. Above and beyond certainly describes her dedication. She is still very near and dear to my heart.
  4. by   srg4784
    I HAVE ONE!!!! At first I thought he was the meanest teacher ever, almost made me cry actually. Made my partner cry. Now we both know that he was only trying to push us harder. THis is only our 5th week in class but I can really tell that he will be an inspiration to me. The way he lectures, and the way he goes so indepth and forces us to think about EVERY possibility with EVERY client. If anything coudl go wrong, anything, he pushes us to think about it in our assessment. He's taught me so much in just this short time. I can't wait to have him again in my upcoming semesters