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Ok Im in my first semester and Im already urked by people. Its mainly people who are currently CNA's making me feel inadequate. When we go to learn a new skill they are used to doing it already on a... Read More

  1. by   whiteoleander5
    This post could have been written by me..
    I have been having the same problem except not with CNA's, but rather people who ironically, like myself, have no experience whatsover. So isnt that strange? I feel like some people in my classes belittle others but in an indirect way.. I just get bad vibes from them. Its little things, like a few sarcastic remarks that I dont appreciate, or maybe I'm just too sensitive. I'm introverted also and always suspicious of the motive of others.. But still, I always feel like I'm doing it wrong around them or that they think I am this stupid little shy girl who has no idea what she's doing... And they have just as much knowledge as I do, so its pretty funny... They just have the confidence that I lack.

    Like you, Im really hoping nursing makes me stronger. I'm not a very confident person and also not very assertive-- both of which MUST change, and will (I hope). Don't let them bother you... They just don't want to admit that they are in the same boat as you are. Good luck!