Kind of nervous about practicum

  1. So, I've FINALLY made it to the last semester of nursing school!! So far my classes are going really well, but what a long road it has been... In about 2-3 weeks we will be starting our practicum hours. Does anyone have any advice on what to expect or do? I know it will be different from regular clinical days. What I'm worried about is that I have never been able to do much of anything during clinical except hang IVs, pass meds... I haven't even been able to catheterize anyone! I simply never had patients that needed things like that. And now I'm doing the 120 hours, and I'm nervous that I don't have enough experience to even do the hours, if that makes sense. Can anyone offer words of wisdom or a simple "calm down, you got this"? Haha, thanks!
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    Calm down. You will still have a preceptor beside you. Ask questions when needed and/or talk your way through a process with your preceptor the first time you do something. This will clarify anything you might be missing, it reiterates your knowledge, and will give you confidence. Also, take this opportunity to build bridges and learn as much as you can about the unit. If management likes what they see in you and your potential, they might just offer you a job after you get your license.

    Best wishes!
  4. by   Black Coffee
    Calm down. You are just worried too much which is normal for every nursing student. I had the same experience like you since I had never done any catherization before my practicum. Luckily during practicum, I had plenty of chance to do it. Your preceptor will be there to help you and evaluate your process. For me, my preceptor let me do everything near the end of my practicum while she just observed. My advice is to show initiative when you work. If you see staffs doing something and you are free, go and ask to help right away without being asked. I was offered jobs right out of practicum because I was always ready and available to help and learn. I got my foot in the door just like that. Good luck on your future endeavors.

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