just wondering if someone could list them for me

  1. What is all the types of degrees for nursing in order? And which ones pays more? -Choua
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  3. by   Tweety
    License Practical Nurse - A one-year or 1.5 year program that gives you a technical degree in nursing.

    Registered Nurse - you can become one with either an Associates Degree or a Bachelor's Degree.......starting out both degrees will earn you the same money. RNs make more than LPNs.

    Bachelored Degreed RNs can move into a variety of positions such as management, research, teaching, quality, patient safety, case management, etc. and do rather well.

    Advanced practice degrees such as Nurse Practioners and Nurse Anesthetists are post-Bachelor degrees and pay more than RNs, with Nurse Anesthetists making the best money over all. Although legal nurse practioners can give them a run for their money. Also top administrators like VPs of Nursing make very good money, as do some PhD's in top universities.

    Please feel free to ask any further questions you have, but try using the search option we have here, there are lots of discussions that have already covered many of these types of questions.
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  4. by   TRINI_RN
    Well, if you're talking about degrees there is:
    Associates Degree
    Bachelors Degree
    Masters Degree (Advanced)

    But, if you're talking about specific jobs in nursing.......oh boy, there are soooo many I can't even begin to list them. But, if you go here http://www.discovernursing.com/inside.aspx you'll find the list. On this site you can also get the average salary for each. Good luck!