Just started a new job in SICU...

  1. And I love it. I'm still working as a HUC (as I did in the EC), but I took this job not only because they were willing to be flexible with my schedule for school, but because they hire 1-2 GNs per year for their critical care internship program... and I wanted to get my foot in the door. This SICU takes all the fresh postop hearts... very cool. My new manager told me that once the RNs there find out that I'm a nursing student, they are going to be dragging me into the rooms to teach me things - and I am really psyched about that! I plan to learn as much as I can from them!
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  3. by   Scrubz
    I'd like to start out in an ICU after I graduate nursing school. But I might have to end up working a year of med-surg while I go back for my BRN. However, I'm still going to try for an ICU position.

    Congrats though..
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  5. by   shellsgogreen
    [font=book antiqua]hey, that's great news, congrats to you
  6. by   PedsNurse322
    Thanks, y'all
  7. by   Medwynn
    Congrats. Fun stuff lies ahead for you.

    I'm an apprentice nurse at CCU/CIC/CSU and i've helped during post-op open hearts, tele overflow, icu overflow. Never a dull moment. You'll enjoy it there and you will learn a lot.

    3 more months left woo hoo