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  1. I've been volunteering since September in the SICU of a nearby hospital. I decided I couldn't face next semester with working full-time, taking pre-reqs 3 nights/week, and volunteering on top of my other committments. So a few days ago was my last day.

    On this day there was a woman who had a large dressing on her back, and I went into the room with one of the nurses to watch her change the dressing. When we got in there the patient told she told us she needed cleaning up--whe was incontinent of bowel. The nurse got called into another room, and I was standing there talking to the woman and waiting for her to come back. Finally it got to be so long, that I took it upon myself to clean her up, change her gown, and get started on the sheets myself! Mind you I'm just a volunteer, not a CNA or tech, or even a nursing student yet. The nurse came back in and saw what I had done, and was sooo impressed!!

    The nurses I worked with (it's almost always the same nurses when I go) all said how much I've learned, and that I'll be a great nurse! It felt so good coming from them. They really inspired me and made me sure that I'd made the right decision.

    Just wanted to share!!
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    That's cool Mel! Talk about a self esteem booster!

    It always meant more to me for some reason to be complimented by the staff nurses on the floor than by my instructors. When it happens, you know it's sincere.

  4. by   SeptSue
    So nice to hear - you seem to be a person who is motivated and will take the initiative to help. This is something I often noticed about many of my co-workers - they often offered to help when they noticed something to be done. Such good examples and I do the same when I can see help is needed. It's a way of working together - the spirit of cooperation. Keep up the good work and all the best. You are inspiring.