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Just got a Sony clie,and found the link to the nursing software called PEPID RN right here on the board. Pharmacy,care plans, nursing diagnosis.......etc. It has a searchable index for... Read More

  1. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    PDA=Personal Digital Assisstants


    We're talking about devices that can hold a 3000 page referrence book in about 4.5 mB of 16mB or storage space on a computer chip.

    These devices easily fit into your pocket and replace troublesome poundage of referrence materials to lug around school and clinical sites.

    I have fit:
    Taber's Encyclopedic Medical Dictionary
    The latest drug referrences and many nursing procedures/protocols from PEPID.com that offers seperate programs designed for Nurses,med students,praticing docs.etc

    You can also get dictionary/thesaurus/translators.........the list goes on and on.

    AND.............you can download all this stuff directly from the sites after payment. I had everthing I would ever need in about 15 minuets worth of downloading(cable).
  2. by   JennyRN2B

    Trying to get educated on the whole pda thing... Did you get or have you used the keyboard that you can purchase as an accessory? I am thinking about the usefullness of it in the classroom for taking notes? Do you have an opinion on this? Anyone else? I am thinking of the pros and cons between the laptop and the pda. Which is more useful?

  3. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    As slow as I type,that would be annoying as hell I think the problem might come from the size of the keyboard as compared to what you're used to. The palm software will go right on your home PC though and you can input all of the information through a USB connection to a device your PDA sits in called a "craddle" that acts as a charger and synchronization between your PDA software and the information in your home PC. I personnaly don't use it for note taking,just referrence.

    I'm such a dysfunctional typist,I just do data entry later if I need to make notes.
  4. by   globalRN
    I have the palm keyboard, never really used it...had to type hard to get the buttons down. It was made for the Palm but is not the one that Palm endorses which is about 100 USD.

    I have a small laptop which I prefer to take notes on...smaller than an A4 size of paper, weighs only about 3.0 lbs, has firewire,
    USB connections, 256 RAM, 20 GB HD. Much easier to take notes on.