job while getting degree?

  1. hello everyone , I would like to know could I do any type of nusing job while in school because I read on another board that some rn programs let students become lpn's while still getting there RN degree. But I was wondering if you could apply to any nursing jobs with just your pre-reqs or experience with clinicals? And also could you take the test to be a lpn with just your rn clinicals or something.
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  3. by   cherokeesummer
    i'm wondering the same thing! I saw a notice posted a school the other day (my school is part of the hospital) that students who had compelted the second term could apply as CNA's and Unit Secretarys.

    I'm there once I get past the next term.

    I'm also wondering about becoming an MA while I'm in school.
  4. by   manna
    I think it probably depends on your school. Did you ask someone in your program?

    I'm sure there are hospital related jobs that would be receptive to nursing students, though not directly nursing related. I know some of the hospitals in our area hire patient care techs (and there's one other job title I can't recall) you have similar duties to CNA's but aren't licensed in the same manner.
  5. by   enfermeraSG
    Some hospitals actually have student nurse jobs (called nurse externs, ?, I think) Otherwise you should find something like patient care tech, etc. Ask the human resource or nursing recruiter at the hospital for ideas. SG