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  1. Hey I'm hoping that someone here can give me a little insight. I am a nursing student and over the summer I began a phlebotomy program that I completed with clinicals in October of this year. I have been looking for a job since then and haven't been able to find anything. It seems that no one is hiring and that when I can manage to land an interview they tell me I'm underqualified b/c I dont' have any experience.... any tips from anyone out there??? I'm feeling a bit lost!
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  3. by   suzi_h
    I know of other people this has happened to. Can you volunteer with the Red Cross blood banks to get some documented hours? In S.C., I know you can work at the hospital as a clinical technician (i.e. CNA, student nurse technician) if you...

    1. have your CNA and Phlebotomy cert.
    2. have finished Fundamentals of Nursing

    Try asking someone in the lab how they got experience.
    Good luck on finding work!
  4. by   brinley_s
    Thank you for your help - I am going to send off some inquiries to the area hospitals as a student nurse technician - I hadn't thought about the red cross, I will definitley give that a try!
  5. by   hbncns35
    Been a phleb for 15 years. Got started on a fluke because the lab was actually interested that I was a student. They saw that I was teachable and they were willing to find new blood. Some of the major labs might not give you a chance but a hospital might being that you are a nursing student. Also some of the smaller labs are good. Red Cross wants experience first. They deal with larger bore needles and they are sometimes difficult to deal with. They also don't want to waste somebody's time if you aren't 100 % sure if you know what you are doing. I applied to Red cross first and they said I needed more experience. Smaller labs are your best bet. When you speak to manager offer to show your skills on her. Often if you can stick them, you can stick anyone. Good Luck - It's great to be a sticker!!!hb
  6. by   Homesick Gypsy
    Saw an ad this morning for a phlebotomist in Blue Springs, Missouri (nice suburb of Kansas City). Ad was in The Independence Examiner.