ivy tech college of indiana

  1. need info on ivy tech college of indiana especially kokomo, anderson, muncie, marion campuses what do you know personally about their nurse programs? Are they good? What about Ball state u (kinda expensive for me though) any new affordable nurse programs in indiana i don't know about. Did muncie ivy tech campus get generalist associate program started? or still need lpn first? (which i think makes school more money and is more time consuming) Tell me what you know.
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  3. by   GPatty
    Sorry I can't tell you about the other Ivy Techs, but I can tell you about the one in Richmond.
    The nursing program is intense and very fast paced. It's a good program with great instructors.
    I am currently in the LPN program, and will be attending the ASN program beginning May (or March) 2003. You must be a LPN in order to do this.
    I wish you luck where ever you decide to go! I love Ivy Tech...especially mine...like I said...the instructors are great and will take time to help you no matter what or where...

  4. by   Cindy_A
    I got my LPN at Ivy Tech in Columbus, IN and my RN at Ivy Tech in Madison. I think I received a very good education. I'm very pleased with Ivy Tech. Ivy Tech has a website, I'm not sure of the address, but you can go to Google and type in "Ivy Tech" and the links will come up. Just go to the campus you are interested in, and it will tell you about their nursing programs.