IVPB priming, and IVPush test (tips on how to is appreciated)

  1. I think i have everything down with the IV Piggyback, i just have a question about priming it.

    once i've attached the IV piggyback tube to the Y port of the primary IV tube, i lower the piggyback bag below the primary IV bag, and open the clamp on the primary IV tube to let the fluid flow into piggyback tube into the chamber in order to prime it.

    my question is, i did that method, but fluid flowed into the drip chamber of the piggyback, and it filled it. (the fluid from the primary iv went into the drip chamber of the piggyback.) is that normal?

    the next step in my checklist says that I need to "backfill the piggyback drip chamber until 1/3 full. i am probably reading the checklist wrong and misunderstanding it... how would i do that? do i push the fluid that has accumulated in the drip chamber of the piggyback back inside the piggyback bag? is that what backfill means?

    then for the IV push, i have to give the med between 1-2 minutes. my question is, when i inject the med, i have to divide it between 4 intervals, or 4 quarters. how slow do i inject the med into the IV? do i have to do it for 15-30 seconds of injecting very slowly. and how long do i let the IV fluid flush it after each interval.

    (ps: the methods describe above is what i need to follow for the test, and i know people have different methods of doing it.)
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  3. by   MaggieJo
    I'm a little confused with your steps, but I'll try to explain the best I can. First thing you do is clamp the tubing. Then connect it to the bag of fluids. Then squeeze the drip chamber once, and fluid should pour into it about 1/3. I don't understand why yours filled all of the way. Maybe your tubing wasn't clamped? Then unclamp the tubing and let the fluid flow until it reaches the end of the tubing. Clamp the tubing again, and connect it per your orders. Then unclamp and set the drip rate making sure to set the machine to piggy back. I hope I was able to answer your question a little bit. I'm not sure though exactly what your asking.
    As for the push, here's how I was taught to do it. Kink the line right above the port that you are going to use. Inject a little bit for say a fifteen second interval, then release your tubing just enough for it to flush, then kink the tubing again, push the med in for another fifteen sec, etc. I've never heard a specific time to let the IV flush. Maybe five secs? Hope I could help you a little bit.
  4. by   kimtab
    We didn't learn to do it that way but I think backfill means let the primary solution run up the line and fill the drip chamber 1/3 full. So yours filled all the way, try it again keeping a closer eye on it and clamp it when the drip chamber is close to 1/3 full.

    I guess if you got too much in the drip chamber you could invert the bag and squeeze some back in, as long as the solutions are compatible and you wouldn't prime this way if they weren't..but I am not 100% sure on that since we learned to prime a different way, so hopefully someone else can confirm that for you.

  5. by   SCNuttyMeg
    With the IVPB I think it means what was posted previous just to let the primary fluid fill the chamber 1/3rds full. When it gets closer to the chamber raise the piggyback bag and the fluid will slow down so you dont overfill. WIth the IV pushes. Depending on the medication depends on how fast you push. Example Phenergan 25 mg over a min. Lasix 30 mg over 3 min.
  6. by   memphispanda
    If you are backfilling to prime, then you would just close the clamp after the drip chamber is 1/3 full. Then you would hang your piggyback on the pole, set your pump, unclamp and let it run.