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It was a very hard decision to make, but ultimately I feel it was the right one at this time. I dropped both nursing courses and the A&P I. I thought about trying to finish the A&P and hope to get... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    Debi and Future Nurse~
    I too dropped out of my RN nursing courses this semester. it was a hard decision to make, but the best one for me and my family right now. I just couldn't do it right now. My grades were low and I just was worn to a frazzle. Ease up on yourself and take it easy. Tackle it again when you feel you can do it and give it your all. That's how I am going about it. It's still my dream,and always will be, but right now, I am needed more right where I am.
    Good Luck to you both...
  2. by   dstudent
    Hey Deb,

    I am sure that you did the best that you could have and gave everything and more. I to have those thoughts right now and my exams are in two weeks and I am not feeling the best about what the outcomes are going to be. But not to mind I wish all the best in future good luck and enjoy your children.
  3. by   prmenrs
    Sometimes it's just not the right time and place for your particular circumstances. Hang in there, take a class every now and then, I highly recommend those pesky 101 liberal arts things, but only one at a time, just to keep your mind working. Maybe w/small kids, you could take some child develop?ment.

    When you're ready to tackle nursing, it will still be here!
  4. by   rn2beterri
    Hi StudentDeb,

    I too went through that when my children were much smaller. They are now 9, 8, and 6 and I am just now going back to finish. I have 2 more classes coming up in Spring before I can apply to the program. I think it was a great decision for me...and believe me the time flies! Enjoy your children.....they grow fast....and mine are my biggest supporters now because they realize I waited so I could be with them. My husband is a great help too, now that the kid's are older and easier to! I can truly sympathize with how difficult a decision it was.....hang in there!

    Blessings, Terri~
    Wife to Chris- 10 years
    Mom to Lauren-9, Jordan-8, and Ashley-6 next month.