It's 7pm...this time tomorrow I will be walking up to the stage to graduate! - page 2

:dance: That is what I feel like doing after I get pinned! :roll I am nervous...excited...sad...happy...all rolled into one. I listen to our class song and cry. This year has been so hard,... Read More

  1. by   shygirl
    OMG! Today is THE DAY! Have fun!
  2. by   getbabygirl
    Congrat's You did it!!! I hope to make up on the stage someday!!! Write me and let me know what it feels like! I think that I'm gone cry whenever I graduate. I can breath easier knowing that I have accomplished that one goal that I'm strieving for! So what are your plans now?!!!
  3. by   AHRN
    Keep your enthusiam and continue learning, you will be a super nurse.
  4. by   marci3335
    Enjoy every moment!! You've worked hard for this!! :hatparty: :hatparty:


  5. by   MelH
    congratulations!!!!!!! :hatparty: