It was a good day and a bad day rolled into one

  1. have to brag, i'm so jazzed!!

    wooohooo i got a 95% on my final & a 94% for the class. i have been working hard for this a. i'm trying to get an academic scholarship for next year, the a in nursing 2 (a 10 cr hr class) and a in cadaver class inched my gpa up to 3.96!!!! there are only 10 scholarships awarded but i think i have a fair chance, so ya'll keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. i should find out by the end of this month.

    but the bad news is we lost 2 more students today from my class, down to 16 from our original 28 and 2 from second level (would have graduated this friday) many tears today.

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  3. by   peaceful2100
    congratulations on your a's. i hope that you get the scholarship. they are always really nice. i still have to wait to hear about the one's i applied for. with your gpa you should get one of the 10 goodl luck..

    so, you are done too. just think this time next year we will be graduating. i am so excited, i can't wait.:roll :roll :roll :roll :roll

    as far as losing classmates i know how you feel. we lost some more as well. one of them i know she was doing really good she said she is fed up with everything and the way the school is and decided to leave. she never wanted to be there from the start anyway. she applied to another school but they are not going to take very many credits. it is hard to tranfer in nursing school. the sad thing is she will have to be a junior all over again. she said oh, well, she just could not tough it out another year. she was so miserable because of treatment and the way the curriculm was done. that is too bad.
  4. by   Mkue
    WAY TO GO !!!

    GOOD LUCK !! Hope you get the scholarship!