Is there any help for international students?

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    I have read the threads daily but have not been posting becuase of my assignments. Does anyone knows where I can get help for tuition as an international student? I have completed my prerequisites and I have applied to three schools to start the core courses in nursing. By the way, I am a full-time student at the University of South Florida but they have told me that it is a possiblity that I might not be accepted in the nursing program because of limited space. I finds this very ridiculous and discouraging as I have gotten my student Visa for this university, neverhteless, I applied to three schools in florida just in case I am not accepted in the program here. My concern is, I need to know if there is anyway, some institution will be able to give me a scholarship as I am not qualified for financial aid here since I am an international student.
    Does anyone here knows of institutions that help international students with loans or scholarships? Your responses will be deeply appreciated.

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    I happened across this while surfing, it may or may not help. Good luck!

    USA Study Guide
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    I dont know where you are from, but have you tried for assistance from your home or family.

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    I know some international students who join programs such as WORK STUDY program. You can work part time in your school. If you cannot get in the nursing program in your school this semester, try getting all the general courses first and apply every semester. There is a limited seat for nursing students. This is normal and do not be discouraged. I heard some people have to wait for like a year to get into nursing school if their state or city have limited nursing schools. Good luck!