Is Rhinitis the same thing as rhinorrhea?

  1. Is Rhinitis the same thing as rhinorrhea?

    if you want, can you provide some symptoms associated with yellow purulent rhinorrea?
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  3. by   purplemania
    "itis" refers to infection. Rhinorrhea can occur with, or without, an infection being present. The simplest explanation is environmental allergies, but who knows what could be the cause? I say get it checked if it bothers you.

    BTW, if the discharge turns green that is usually a sign of infection.
  4. by   sun_chica
    Here's the easiest thing to do...look up in med dictionary or go online to a med dictionary. I've got a link below, hope this helps

    1)Rhinitis: Irritation of the nose. Derived from the Greek word rhinos meaning of the nose.

    2)Rhinorrhea: Medical term for a runny nose. From the Greek words "rhinos" meaning "of the nose" and "rhoia" meaning "a flowing."

    The site has a bunch of info on rhinitis, too much to write here. Usually, thick, purulent drainage would indicate some infection or really bad allergies. Hope this helps