Is LVN route a faster way in becoming RN?

  1. If I have several years of hospital experience as a proficient CNA, but my grades are average and I have more than 1 withdrawal/repeat in my sciences, IS A LVN ROUTE A FASTER WAY OF BECOMING A RN?

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   adn44
    That is the way I am going, for me it is the best route.
    My situation has led me in this direction. I will get my experience and then go on to my RN. To be honest, there is no fast route to becoming a nurse, it takes a lot of time and dedication and it sounds like you know where you want to be.
  4. by   Jules A
    Its my opinion that getting your LPN first makes it a bit longer. If you need a decent job to support yourself while working toward your RN then I think its a great option. Best to you, Jules
  5. by   Megsd
    In my area, I don't think it is faster. I have a friend who's in LPN school and the bridge program to RN she will do when she graduates will only be one semester shorter than the traditional RN program. Plus if she has to complete additional prerequisites that will add more time to the process. As others said, sometimes it's the best option, but it doesn't seem to be faster in my experience.
  6. by   charebec65
    It depends on each individual's situation. I got my LPN then went straight back to school to work on my RN. If things go as expected, from the start of PN school to graduation from the ADN program will be about 3 to 3.5 years (and I'm only going part time at this point). That's nearly long enough to get a BSN but as another poster said, it's hard to get a nursing degree very fast no matter what you do. The only reason I am getting through this as fast as I am is because I already had a degree and don't have to repeat the UR's.... Also, most of my pre-reqs were done. The wait list is 2.5 years at my school to get in the nursing program - after your pre-reqs are done. Because I am an LPN, I don't have to go on that list and I get credit for a lot of the classes. Good luck!