IS/IT to Nursing

  1. Seems like there are a large number of people making the transition from an Information Technology career to nursing. I'm curious why? Is it lack of jobs, lack of job satisfaction, insecurity regarding future employment, etc?
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  3. by   Maisie
    I always wanted to be a nurse. I never had the courage to switch earlier in my career. It is difficult to leave a sound career to try a new one. I figured I would wait until my IT job fizzled out and then change careers to nursing. It happened two years ago, so here I am in my first year in the nursing program. I had two years of prereqs before this.

    I am very happy with the change on some days. I don't regret losing my IT job in spite of the loss of income. I finally feel like I am making a difference.

    I am very happy that I did not quit my IT job but waited for the downsizing. Not only did I receive a severance package, but on those days I hate nursing, I don't have to think about how I quit a perfectly nice job.
  4. by   Daytonite
    Just wanting to throw a monkey wrench in your conclusion. :wink2: I've been a very active hospital RN for 30 years. I'm moving into health information management and have been considering Informatics. I love working with people, but due to a number of medical problems I just cannot tolerate the physical work anymore. So, I'll just step back and let you all have a crack at the fun of dealing with difficult patients and families for a change and putting up with the thrills and aggravation! Have fun!