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  1. I am so lost in life right now. Im a sophomore in college on my first semester. I do want to be a nurse but im very lost when it comes down to anything that has to do with nursing. The process in college to become a nurse is very confusing to me. Any help will be greatly appreciate!!!

    Do i apply to the nursing program at my school now while taking my general educations or should i have done that already?
    can someone please explains the steps from the time you enter college to gaining your bachelors degree what you have to do.
    i understand your first year you start taking general education classes then the second year you apply to the nursing program.. what else?

    Thank you!!!
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  3. by   HelloWish
    Hi - you would benefit from speaking with an adviser at your college about how to fulfill the steps for going to nursing school. The steps vary per college and university.
  4. by   staycalm
    agree! absolutely speak to a nursing school advisor. I would contact the nursing schools close to you asap and arrange a meeting with them. They should have a detailed outline of prerequisites you should be taking (instead of taking random classes and wasting time & money). Each nursing school does require slightly different classes. The advisor should also have information on how much you have to have completed and when you need to apply, steps for application, etc. Many hopeful nursing students apply to a few programs, and in my region a wait is common. Best of luck! Once someone provides direction you can navigate your way!
  5. by   nurseprnRN
    We don't know because every college and university is different. You need to get to the academic advising office stat (that's immediately) so you can plan your next few years.
  6. by   sbaker935
    Yes, like all the other posters said, go see a counselor. everywhere you go is different, and colleges want different pre-reqs sometimes. good luck!