Interview Date is Set

  1. I spoke to the admissions office today and was told, rather enthusiatically, that I was on a list for the nursing interview process. The interview is just another step in the admission process, not an indication of whether or not you will be admitted, though. I was told that the letters regarding interview were sent out late last week, and only two people had scheduled since. (But, I've not gotten mine yet, either, so that doesn't help! I just got lucky and made a call.) I was told the interview will last about 15 minutes. There will be a session a few days prior to my interview date to prepare us for the actual interview. While at first I was really excited about this interview, now it just seems to be one more thing that I have to score well on... Perhaps I just feel that I have so much (emotionally) invested in this, I'm getting incredibly worried... :uhoh21:
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  3. by   angelac1978
    i totally understand how you feel! I am waiting for my letter telling me that I have an interview. In my program though, only about 45 people get interviews for 32 spots. But we get "points" based on our interview so it's just one more thing to stress about. Good luck on yours!

  4. by   ARmickie
    Ours uses point system as well. As of now, I have 98 of the 100 possible points.. the interview is worth another 25. When I found out about the interviews already being set up, I was surprised because according to the information I was given in the beginning, the interviews weren't going to take place until early July. I was actually calling my school to see if there was any chance of me being able to get into a class this summer for AandP. I was explaining my position, why I needed this class so badly, and I suppose it was an attempt to pacify me when they were telling me that I still couldn't preregister... Regardless, they transferred me and I was surprised to learn that my interview date is in a few weeks. I suppose after that I still won't know about the acceptance until mid July, though. But, I wish you the best of luck as well.
  5. by   romie
    I recieved an invitation to interview for UIC master's entry program. The admissions office had first informed everyone that letters would be going out on April 1st informing applicants whether or not they were going on in the admission process, but I recieved an email about a week before.

    I was informed that my interview would be 45-60 minutes and would be with both the general nursing faculty as well as a faculty member from my specialty area. Apparently the school uses a point system as well, but competitiveness is based on the number of interviewees for each specialty-for instance, I shouldn't really be compared to applicants in the other specialties. ( I can't imagine that they would interview that many out of the 400 applicants if each interview is an hour and the interviews are only being held over a 3 day period).

    I have been asking many people what to expect in the interview and have posted in several places in the forum, hoping for additional suggestions. I too have invested so much ( in time, money, emotions) into this admission process that I want to do really well in my interview.