1. Does anyone know of any gov./school programs that will help with health insurance? I have no children of my own so medicaid is not an alternative
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  3. by   RNIAM
    Alot of times schools of nursing that are affiliated with hospitals will offer some sort of medical. Check them out. They may not offer insurance for studnets but they may provide some medical care if it is needed.
  4. by   essarge
    You do not have to have children to receive medicaid, just be below a certain income. Fill out an application, the worst that can happen is they say no.
  5. by   FarmgrrlRN
    You might want to try this site:

    I was just turned down yesterday for health insurance from Anthem/BCBS because I'm not in their "height and weight guidelines" (I about 80 lbs overweight, but only 26). If I could have smacked that woman through the phone I would have. Anyways, enough of my rant. Basically, the link above is the same company that offers my school's insurance (as a PPO) and offers insurance to students. I'm not sure of the price, but at my school it's $1019 for the year (standard $250 deduct., pay 80%, up to 100K). Only catch is they don't allow for pre-existing conditions and you pay up front. I do believe you can pay for fall semester, then spring/summer together.