In need of some advice, PLEASE :)

  1. Ok, I am in a bit of a predicament. I really could use any advice that you have! I am 20 y/o and toyed with the idea of nursing right after high school (almost 3 years ago) because my mom was a nurse. I soon decided that it was not for me and tried to figure out something else to do. Well, I am now sure that nursing is what I want to do.

    My original plan was to go to this 'private' school here in San Antonio called Galen Health Institute, not only because I have heard great things about the school and I really like the atmosphere there, but also because they start a new semester every 3 months and I was planning to start on Feb. 5th. So, it's a one year LVN program, after which I was planning on going to Baptist to do my LVN to RN mobility for a year.

    (Sorry this is getting lengthy). Ok, so as private schools go, Galen is going to cost me $14,400 for one year, and even though my parents haven't claimed me for 2 years, and don't help me AT ALL, I can't get grants because they make too much (love the government). After I graduate from there (Feb 08') I would have to wait until Aug '08 to start at Baptist.

    Well, here is the issue; I just started thinking about going somewhere else. If I waited until August to start LVN school, I could go to a different one here in town for half the price and would still be done with my two years at the same time. I am however going to have to take a couple of classes before I can get into the mobility program. The only issue is, that I would probably have to keep this job that I have now (ugh), working full time and fitting in 2-3 classes at the local Comm. College until August in order to support myself, but I could probably save some money up and not be 14,000 dollars in debt when I got out.

    If this made any sense to anyone who has any advice on what THEY would do, I would appreciate it. I am just really frazzled, think it's making my words come out very unclear J
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  3. by   moonischasingme1
    Personally, I would go somewhere else. That is WAY WAY WAY too much money. I am getting my BSN at a University and it does not cost anywhere near that amount per year. They have the same school in Florida as well and I am not saying anything bad about their education, but the price is too outrageous!
  4. by   puresass
    i would go elsewhere & save the $14,000. i know waiting until august may feel like forever as compared to starting in february, but you'll be wayyyy happier once you finish school if you go elsewhere & don't take out all those loans. paying them back is NEVER fun & if you can easily avoid it, i'd say go with that option.
  5. by   chaleda_04
    Thanks for the input, you both make does seem silly to spend sooooo much money!
  6. by   samaletta
    I was in your situation before (actually I still am). I have been on MY OWN....own car payment...own gas, electric, phone, cable bills.....Own RENT since I was 18. I live paycheck to paycheck. My mother lives paycheck to paycheck. I decided to go to nursing school when I was 20years. When filling out my FASFA application, it wanted my mother's income information because I didn't "qualify" as independent because of my age, because I was not married, because my mother was still alive, and because I have no children. I even tried going to the director of Financial Aid at the college with copies of all of these bills to prove I am in no way shape or form supported by my mother. He said it didn't matter, I was still considered a dependent. I was OUTRAGED to say the least. So, I had to get loans to pay for the entire cost of school. See, what they did was combined mine, and my mother's income which looked really good, but they failed to see that we pay for TWO separate households / cars. Get this - They even included the child support that my mother gets from my 15 year old sister's dad (who is not my dad) as part of my mother's income that was to be considered for MY college money. You want to talk about MAD.

    I think that if you want to go to this Private school, you CAN get loans to cover the cost (probably), but the best way to do it (b/c of your situation) would be the community college - In my opinion. It will be sooooo much cheaper! and what happens if you decide that you want a higher degree after you finish your RN, you will have already accumulated millions of dollars in debt from this private school if that ends up being your final choice.

    Good luck with whatever you decide on!!
  7. by   chaleda_04
    Thanks for the input samaletta - Yes, I was definitely mad when the first thing my financial advisor said was "ok, so you don't qualify for any grants, lets look at loans" I was like UMMM...WHAT!!!??? That is the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard. PLUS, to make it better, out of the $14,000, I can only get 5,000 in subsidized loans (not to be paid back until 6 mos. after graduation), the other 9,000 have to start being paid on from day one. She said it would be around $250 a month. I am just thinking more and more that I cannot swing that. I hate having to make this choice because I really do like the school itself and the faculty.
  8. by   WDWpixieRN
    My sympathies to you "kids" dealing with the loan situation....I worked with a young admin assistant who was 23, worked full-time, had lived on her own for years, and was in a similar situation trying to get an education degree....I could not believe that this was the way loans/grants were figured for young really puts you in a bind and it's unfathomable to me that this is the best we can come up with in this country for young adults trying to get an education....

    My best wishes to you....and yeah, that education sounds very expensive to me!!
  9. by   chaleda_04
    Thanks to everyone who commented. I think I am leaning towards waiting it out. Turns out a couple of LVN schools in town start in the summer, so that's not too far off. I don't LOVE the job I have now but at least I could save up for when I am in school. PLUS, I could finish up those 2 classes I need to get into an RN program and apply to a few different places. Thanks so much for your advice