I'm soooo tired of school already....

  1. I'm sick of the constant pressure. There are so many ways to get kicked out of nursing school. Fail return demos, clinical paperwork, grades... It's exhausting.

    I have 5 weeks left in my 2nd semester (ADN). Two more after this one. They keep the pressure on as much as possible. I've maintained my 4.0 until now (barely made an A last semester). I'm currently half a point from an A average in the class with 2 tests to go. I don't foresee making another A. I'm not too concerned, I just hate I'm so close.

    I have some really tough clinicals coming up and I HATE writing concept maps. Failed my first attempt at wound returns this week.

    I have claustrophobic type episodes when I have to stand still in a room full of people in clinical situations. I feel like I can't breathe. I'm not good at communicating with patients. I get nervous and talk too fast. It is just so stressful. I wonder if this is normal, or if I'm just going to be a terrible nurse. Nurses I see in the work setting seem so calm and know exactly what they are doing. I have no idea if I can handle the responsibility of being a nurse....
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  3. by   Sparrow91
    Don' worry you are ssoooo not alone! I am currently finishing my junior year in the BSN program and I can see why a lot of people take a semester off! I have learned to take everything one week at a time. Hang in there we will get through this!
  4. by   EaglesWings21
    I am in my first semester of an ASN program and was getting chest pain my first few weeks from being so stressed out. Now, I take things in stride. I try not to worry about tomorrow. I use my senses to take in everything going on around me so I can learn what I should and should not be doing... I also find that trying to relate to the patient makes it easier to go in their room and talk to them. I know that I am smart and I will take feedback from instructors as it is and work on what they say I need to work on, but I will not let anyone get me down, whether it be an RN, fellow student, or teacher. I prayed to get into nursing school and here I am. I am thankful for each day, for my health, and leave it as that.
  5. by   hodgieRN
    Do you have baseline anxiety issues (meaning something that you have seen a doc about?). If not, then be assured that your fears are normal. Plus, some people just have issues with public speaking. They make you do that b/c it's a normal occurrence in a medical facility. Sometimes, you have to talk about your pt in front of multiple doctors at once. But you are not expected to do that right now. Nurses look relaxed because they do it everyday. You will find that medicine is actually very routine and repetitive. Yes, there's always something new each day but a chest pain pt is cared for the same way (evidence-based practice and protocol).

    You're not good at communicating with pts because you are not at the top of your game yet. Most communication with pts is education or telling them the plan of care and you aren't able to do that yet. You aren't going to be able to answer all the questions. I can't even answer all the questions now. As a matter of fact, pts will keep asking questions until you give them the answer they want to hear. Just wait until family members start asking you the percentage of likelihood for recovery. There's nothing wrong with saying " I don't know, but I will find out the answer for you." or "That's an answer I will leave to the doctor." Ask pts where they are from or ask what they did for a career. You don't have to business all the time.

    Most judgement that is given to you is actually from yourself. You can make yourself feel horrible if you allow it. You have to chill. Students spin themselves up way too much. Concept maps aren't bad once you know how to do them. And, you are not a horrible person is you get a 3.9. Be calm...when you feel down, suck it up and keep moving forward. When you are tired, drink some coffee or laugh out loud in a public place so people think you are losing it. Everything you need to be successful will be given to you.