Im a first year nursing student

  1. okie...someone please give the truth to me!! Everyone has been telling me how stressful nursing school is, and how im gonna "loose my mind " and " become overwhlemed" and all that GREAT stuff!! Well, i really dont understand that, b/c soooo far i absolutey love it. Maybe b/c its only my 1st year, actually its my 1st MONTH of nursing school..but i really am enjoying it. I dont find it difficult or stressful. I find it interesting and exciting. so tell me...does ANYONE LIKE IT???!!! or am i gonna grow to HATE IT??!!
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    to me, simply because someone says that something is overwhelming or stressful, they don't hate it. i love nursing. when considering the fact that i have children, and other responsibilities that would go on regardless of school, it can be a tiring thing.
    i love being in school, but do i like the early hours, no, i love learning, but do i get tired of studying, yes, but do i stop studying, no.

    i, as an lpn, get tired of the "stress" of my job but i love what i do and would reccommend nursing in a heart beat. if i didn't love it, i would never have started this semester of rn school. so, i think sometimes, some of us use words and don't mean it literally, i speak from experiences and for myself too.

    no one knows whether you are going to like it but you. all the best to you and welcome to the board.

  4. by   jdomep
    I am loving it too

    Though many people in my class seem really stressed and I think that is in part to that they work F/T and have families and are going to school...

    I have my "life" (and my family's) very organized so I have time to study etc. I am hoping the study habits I am building now will help once stuff gets tougher.

    Good luck!

    I found this sight last week and find it very interesting
  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    ditto what LPN/RN said

    and welcome to the board!
  6. by   Mkue
    Hi and Welcome !!

    Good Luck to all and enjoy the Journey
  7. by   dstudent
    Welcome to the BB and hope that you'll keep on loving the programme