I was offered a job...some tips!

  1. I was offered to have an interview now for an "RN position" when I graduate in May 2018. It is for a residency program, which I think is an 8 month program that has you float in different units. There is an adult or pediatric program. I'm so shocked and happy at the same time! There's no guaranteed you get hired after the program, but I'm told that you almost always do. I am the person who worked very hard but it would go unnoticed...now it's noticed!!

    So I have some tips for you guys!

    1. Even if your classmates don't and they still get high grades, go the extra mile. Even if you don't need to go the extra mile for an A on the exam, still do what you can to learn the most and be prepared. You aren't studying to get an A on a test, you're studying to learn this material and have a solid nursing foundation.

    2. Ask smart questions in class and talk to your teachers after class. It's not kissing butt, it's showing you are interested and that teacher is going to remember you and not the classmates who run out as soon as class is over and never asked any questions or showed interest.

    3. Apply to hospital positions and go out of your way (staying within your scope) to help the other staff members. They could mention you to the unit manager who could help you get hired for a better position.

    Those 3 things are really all I've done. Some of my classmates would snicker at me or say how I'm an over achiever but that's ok. I worked hard and it's paid off, it will for you too! So this upcoming school year, think of all you can do to prepare yourself and give it 110%.
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    Thanks! And I thought of one more important tip! Show you work well with team members by getting along and being professional and polite to everyone, don't be two faced even if someone tries to talk about someone else behind their back to you just smile and pretend you don't know what they're talking about. That's one thing I see on nursing forums a lot and I'm sure it's not done as much in person but don't let it- don't bad mouth your teacher, classmate, a nurse, another healthcare member. It's easy to say "this teacher is awful she doesn't teach and is unfair" and that might be totally legit but there's better ways to handle those situations because bad mouthing just makes the one talking look bad. Don't get in that habit as you start nursing school!
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    Thank you for this post and congrats on being offered an interview. My friend mentioned something similar to this when I had asked him about nursing school, but the meaning behind his words truly just hit me now.