I was just thinking about care plans...

  1. And I think that it is a lot like computer programming. Now, before you laugh, just think about it.

    Here you have a list of problems that you have identified. You pick one out and state it.

    Then you have to list the baby steps you are going to take to alleviate the problem you identified.

    So, for instance the patient has had abdominal surgery, is very weak, and has a deep and large incisional area.

    Your nursing diagnosis would deal with the fact that they need care to make sure the incisional area doesn't get infected, and what you saw to support that problem.

    Then, you just list the little baby steps you are going to take to make sure the patient doesn't develop an infection.

    Am I right? If I am, I just KNEW this part was like computer programming! Because that is PRECISELY what computer programmers have to do - identify a problem and then detail how they are going to correct it.:spin:
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  3. by   augigi
    Not sure on computer programming (I'm a technotard!), but it's basically like any troubleshooting process. Identify your problem and signs, identify how to fix it and signs of resolution.
  4. by   stuend_nurse_from_ma
    Oh Augigi - you're just a propeller-head, but you just don't know it!! LOL!!
  5. by   Daytonite
    You are right. It's called the nursing process.