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I need some advice. I just got married (during this semester) and I would like to change my last name so that once I graduate, my nursing license reflects my married name. I would like to change it... Read More

  1. by   jemommyRN
    Quote from HeartsOpenWide
    Here is a horror story for you. My old neighbor was working on her early childhood ed degree. The college changed from using our SS# to assinged numbers for privacy and idenity protection reasons. When they did this they some how "lost" my friend in the process. She was more than half way to getting her degree and she has no way of proving it since everything is kept on the computer now days. Thats why I print my grades at the end of the semester every time just incase somthing like that ever happened. Get everything concerning your records printed out as back up before you do anything
    You are sooooo right, and that's why I was hesitating because I would have to prove that I used to be Ms. Maiden and they would have no evidence of Mrs. Married taking any of these classes and I won't be finished with school for another couple of years (getting BSN and MSN) so I could just picture my transcript getting lost from school to school. Well, I guess I have my answer. Ms. Maiden it is. For now anyway. Thanks guys.
  2. by   Skrawberri
    I just got married last December after my first semester of nursing school. Legally, I have changed my name. My new name is the one I use everywhere outside of school. But at school, I have just left my maiden name as the one I use. Partly because I'm lazy, but mostly because that's what my teachers know me by and also I want my degree to have my maiden name on it. For some reason, that is important to me.