I think I have lost my motivation!!!

  1. My oh My I graduate on May 13th, and I have just plain lost my motivation to keep pushing myself! It has become a chore to just not invent a reason to skip class or something! I have a test tommorow and I haven't even started studying for it yet! I have noticed our general attendance in class has become just awful, so I know I am not the only one feeling this way. (oh and so far I havent skipped class but ever since spring break has ended the thought is so tempting!) My husband is coming home for 2 weeks rest & recuperation leave from Iraq in 10 days and that is about all I can think about!!!!!!! Plus i want to work ahead so that I will have some time to be with him and not have to worry so much about school. What are other people doing to keep it going in these final few weeks???? LOL Would someone give me a kick in the rear or something?!?!??!?! LOL!
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  3. by   z's playa
    :lol_hitti What are you doing?!!!! You're so close to the finish line! *consider yourself kicked

    I know I think to myself towards the end of any semester that its "in the bag" so why bother, but its important to do your best right up to the very end. You'll feel really good about yourself if you do. Everyone gets unmotivated once in a while....many people dont ask for help like yourself and end up skulking over the finish line.....you on the other hand asked for help...you'll get the support here no doubt...so take the advice, the encouragement, the pats on the back and slide into third base with a roar! I guarentee you'll feel great !!!!!
  4. by   grinnurse
    I can really feel your pain about not wanting to go another day!! The good thing is you, like myself, are near the end of what I like to call my "time in he##". This too shall pass (hopefully quick) :chuckle Attendance at our school has dwindled too!! Here in the Piney Woods of E. TX on a beautiful spring day, what am I doing??? Not one, but two papers that I could care less about! And I'd rather be playing in the dirt with my 3 yr. old. Thank goodness there is only one more paper due after this :hatparty: Get all that you can done before s/o gets home so you can love on him. Mark the days off the calendar and know that each day you get closer to being finished with all the BS that goes with NS. But, STUDY first!!! LOL

    We'll make it!!!
  5. by   ER-RN-2B
    I graduate May 13th also. :hatparty: I have completely lost all motivation. I have given up on studying completely, but I have 2 big term papers I have to turn in. They are on stupid topics that don't make sense and I don't know how I am going to write them--you know, community stuff. I don't really need good grades this semester though, so I am kind of letting myself slack.

    Really, grades don't mean very much unless you want to be a CRNA. You can be an NP with a B average, and hey, you only need C's to pass. My favorite calculation is C=RN. We are fortunate to be able to get jobs easily no matter what.

    I am not being very motivating am I!

    I say to myself dozens of times everyday "2 more months, just 2 more months." We will survive! :smiley_aa
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