I passed the CLEP Bio Test!!!

  1. I'm still in shock. It was really hard but it's over and I passed. Now I can get added to the waiting list for the nursing program in January. We'll see what happens.

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  3. by   manna
    CONGRATS! What a relief!

    I've been wanting to take some CLEPs, but am afraid I'd shell out all that $$ and not pass.
  4. by   LoriB
    Thanks. I had that fear too. Also all the time I gave up. But it turned out cheaper then taking the class (and less time). I wanted to get on the waiting list for Spring and not wait until next September. I don't know if I'll get in but this way I have a shot.

  5. by   nurse2be in ny
    That's great! I'm studying to clep Human Growth & Dev. One less class to take ( and cheaper).
  6. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Congrats, Lori! :hatparty:

    I'm leaving in 15 minutes to take the Intro Psych CLEP. It's $75 at my institution, and I do worry that cash'll go down the drain if I don't pass.

    Your success has encouraged me!
  7. by   LoriB
    Good luck. You'll do fine! Let me know. My test was for a whole year of biology and if I can pass that, you can pass this. Go for it!
  8. by   liline
    Hello, I also would like to take clep in biology but I need to know a good study guide to buy to take it. Does anyone know? I would appreciate any information.

    thank you
  9. by   LoriB
    I used Biology Sixth Edition by Campbell & Reece and a CLEP Biology study guide by Rudman. Also get the list of topics from the CLEP website.
  10. by   shelleybelle
    CONGRATSSSSS!! I was gonna clep on English today, but I kinda chickened.. poc poc...
  11. by   JudithL_in_NH
    Hey guys!

    I passed the CLEP for Intro Psych. My score was 70 and I needed a score of 50 to get credit . . . so I am VERY happy!

    I'm registered to take Human Development next semester, and I'm seriously considering dropping it, studying on my own, and CLEPing it instead!
  12. by   nurse2be in ny
  13. by   Jen2
    Lori, that is so wonderful! I have always been too much of a wimp to try and take a clep test. Good for you!
  14. by   Alexandres
    Hi All,

    A quick question..what "grade" do you receive for passing a CLEP test? I've been considering taking one but I'm curious what GPA value it is given.