I Passed My Cert!!

  1. Yesterday was my last chance to pass a certification called "Transfers and Ambulation" - if I didn't pass it, I was out of the nursing program. As if there wasn't enough pressure on me, I had to pass this using the Dean of the Part-time program as my client!! I mean, FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!! I was so nervous doing it, I almost puked. Which is NOT a good thing to do when you are trying to pass a clinical certification, especially on the Dean!!

    Anyway, when we sat down after to talk, she told me I passed, and I cried!! She was surprised at my reaction - I was so unhappy before when I had failed this....and I was depressed at the thought that after all my hard work, it would boil down to me performing under tremendous pressure..

    Like I said before, as if I wasn't under enough pressure yesterday, not only did I have to give it my all for this last certification, but then I had to take a Med Math Test after!! So, I sat down and took it. Was the first person to finish it....and later when they told me what I got - a 95 - I was just so grateful. I probably could have aced it, except for somewhat sloppy long division on the last problem..

    Thank you all for supporting me. And Thank GOD for this forum for student nurses!! :spin:
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  3. by   Daytonite
    What's the next task you have to tackle?
  4. by   nurseangel47
    stuend nurse from ma: CONGRATS to you and the milestone you just passed. You deserve a pat on the back...those tears of relief were a welcome catharsis, no doubt. Keep up the good work and that ever onward spirit!
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    Quote from Daytonite
    What's the next task you have to tackle?
    Two words - MY MIDTERM!!