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Hey everyone! i just wanted to tell everyone "i need your prayers"..... I have my final exam of my last semester of nursing on wednesday (may 1st) and my average right now is a 74. passing is a 75. i... Read More

  1. by   proud2bme
    You can do it, StudentNurse. All of our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  2. by   studentnurse_02
    hey! its me again.. just trying to keep everything straight in my mind..."atropine 0.5-1mg up to 2- sinus bradycardia....lidocaine 1-1.5mg/kg- 2nd bolus half the first- PVC's and V-tach.".... oh, i hope i PASS.. thats' all i want is to PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well, i guess i will wrap up my studying and get a good nite sleep! thanks for all your prayers! one more day!!! thanks!!
  3. by   StudentSandra
    {{{{{{{{{ Good vibes coming your way }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  4. by   Y2KRN
    My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!
  5. by   Mkue

    Good Luck and try to relax before the exam and think positive.

    You can do it !

  6. by   studentnurse_02
    hey i just wanted to tell everyone that i am NCLEX- BOUND!!!!! thank you to everyone who supported/prayed/encouraged me!!!! good luck to all of you!! ~Amanda. P.s. i got an 88 on my final and had to have a 75 to pass the course!! yay!!! P.S.. studentsandra.. i liked your post especially, cuz i just bought a new car- a pontiac VIBE! lol!
  7. by   Casey7
    It's a day or two to late, but my prayers are definately with you.